Food Force

Food Force 1.0

Educational game which recreates the missions required to assist hungry people
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United Nations World Food Program

Food Force is an educational game created by the United Nations' World Food Program, or better known as WFP. Given the nature of the game it's licensed as a freeware and freely distributable. The game includes 6 different missions, all of them regarding food. You need to complete the 6 missions in order to help the hungry, from the moment the crisis arises to the moment the assistance is no longer needed. The first mission is "Air Surveillance: assessing the crisis", the second mission is "Energy Packs: creating a formula for a nutritious meal", the third mission is "Air Drop: delivering food aid by air", the fourth mission is "Buy and Deliver: buying and shipping food around the world", the fifth mission is "Food Run: overcoming land obstacles to deliver food", and the sixth and the last mission is "Future Farming: helping a country to feed itself". There are several levels included in Food Force.
The game includes a video tutorial which will show you how to play in no time. Since the game is oriented to children, the focus is not set on difficulty but on learning. During the introductions to the missions, and the missions themselves provide information and knowledge to the players, all regarding the world food crisis.
You can upload your score via Internet to the global high score charts and see how good are you doing it in comparison to players from all over the world.

Lionel Mira
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  • It has a high educational value for people, mostly kids
  • It's easy to learn how to play it using its tutorial
  • The game is available in twelve different languages


  • QuickTime is required
  • Graphic quality could be better
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